• 2018

    Introducing our new 2018 Collection!

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  • Linen: Crinkle, Light Pink Photo Credit: Patricia Lyons


    A selection of colored solids composes our Bella Collection. This collection is ideal for events that call for a step up from the basics and speak to a more enhanced, finished sense of decor while still embodying elegant simplicity.

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  • Linen: Willow White with Pink Photo Credit: Test photographer


    An array of French cottons, delicate laces, and ruffled overlays grace the Beyond Collection. This collection is the secret garden of spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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  • Chair Cushions

    A span of stunning, functional fabrics from our entire linen treasury speak for the Chair Cushion Collection. This collection consists of a plethora of cushions that both match and compliment table linens.

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  • Custom Linens

    One of a kind custom linens designed and tailored just for your event. From  a custom size to a pattern that tells your story, we create custom linens for your event.

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  • Dolce

    An assortment of swirls, sparkles, beads, and sheers make up the Dolce Collection.

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  • Linen: Dupionique, Lemon Photo Credit: Aaron Delesie


    Rich hues in these raw silk-inspired linens account for the sophisticated beauty of the Dupioniques Collection. This collection is refined and clean, and offers the perfect touch of elegance for creating classy occasions.

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  • Heritage

    A selection of classic La Tavola linens previously discontinued brought back by popular demand. These treasured favorites have returned and are the perfect touch of vintage charm for any event. Available in limited sizes and quantities.

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  • Linen: Tuscany, Ocean Bean Bags Photo Credit: Onelove

    Lounge Accessories

    An assortment of solids and patterns from our fine linen cache bring pillows and bean bags to the forefront in the splendid Lounge Accessories Collection.

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  • Milano

    A mixture of remarkable patterns make up the Milano Collection. This collection consists of pieces that can define the essence of an event.

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  • Linen: Tuscany, Ocean Photo Credit: Millie Holloman


    An array of solids, patterns, and blended textiles make up the extensive Napkin Collection. This collection includes a range of fabrics from cotton to satin — many of which incorporate linen backing and mitered corners for optimum handling — proving indispensably useful when it comes to providing guests with quality tableware for every kind of event.

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  • Linen: Nuovo Ivory Photo Credit: Aaron Delesie


    Colors come to life through the highest-quality polyester fabric in the simple yet luxuriously thick Nuovo Collection. This collection is a multi-purpose mainstay that makes mitered corners and stitched finishings the standard, distinguishing it as the unbeatable go-to line for just about any occasion.

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  • Pompeii

    A range of thick brocades and patterned silks cover the rich textile landscape of the Pompeii Collection.

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  • Linen: Brisa Blush Photo Credit: Allan Zepeda


    A selection of satins, sheers, and silks comprise the Romantic Collection. While some find this collection perfect for a single cake table, others fill entire ballrooms.

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  • Sequins

    A treasure trove of jumbo, tiny, and even square sequins make up the brilliant Sequins Collection. This collection of high-fashion table regalia will make for the most dapper of events.

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  • Linen: Tuscany, Natural Photo Credit: Kate Webber

    Table Runners

    A stellar series of select textiles — from dupioni silk to linen and sequins — make up the Table Runner Collection. This collection is the perfect finishing touch to beautiful bare wood.

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  • Linen: Topaz, Bittersweet Photo Credit: Lisa Lefkowitz


    A blend of finely woven fibers gives a crisp, modern-looking feel to the anthology of solid colors in the Topaz Collection. This collection is stunning as both a stand-alone leading-linen and a seamlessly paired underlay or overlay with its sister collections.

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  • Linen: Tuscany, White Photo Credit: Aaron Delesie


    A textured raw linen sets the table for the natural, understated Tuscany Collection. This collection exudes effortless culture and timeless style with bona fide rustic related charm.

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  • Velvet

    Our ultra-luxe sueded Velvet Collection is available 26 eye catching colors, giving this classic fabric new life. It's enduring, rich style makes for a timeless elegance on any table.

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  • Linen:  

    Wildlfower for La Tavola

    COMING SOON! A curated selection of linens from our sister company Wildflower Linens.

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