La Tavola has over 600 fabrics. . . and counting! For 2009 we have added to our inventory an entire new collection, Peau de Soie — an exquisite satin material — in addition to 7 brand new fabrics in our “Beyond” collection, and upward of 30 new colors to our existing collections. All of these linens will be available starting in April. Here’s an early sneak peek!

Emma (Apple, Lemon Grass, Plum)

Peony (Ivory, Harvest Gold)

New York (Black, White)

Paloma (Sapphire, Teal, Gold/Black, Platinum)

Windsor (Midnight Blue, 13 additional colors)

Peau de Soie (Table Cloths, Chair Cushions, Napkins – 49 colors)

Wondering how to get your hands on these new linens? For all of our current customers with design bags, expect to receive your new swatch books this Spring! If you do not have a design bag and would like to receive one, please click here to download a request form, or contact us directly.

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