Remember coloring time in elementary school when you would dump out all your crayons and color in and outside the lines creating an amazing masterpiece that would later be hung on the fridge? We don’t think that coloring should be limited to that slot between naps and snack time as children, so we’re brining you our own color time! I know we’ve been talking a lot about Velvet Golden (see here and here) but this citrine color is a serious favorite this year. We love it and we know you do too! So we have three amazing color stories for you incorporating this citrine hue.

Color Stories


First up is a picture we came across of Kelly Wearstler’s work. With colors that both calm and pop, this was a winning combination. For linens, we pulled together Velvet Golden, Velvet Sage, Topaz Brick and Topaz Pink to create the same palette.


Next up, a painting by artist Jesús Perea. Pulling out of this painting some of the softer, more pastel tones we chose Topaz Pink, Topaz New Surf and Nuovo Champagne and added Velvet Golden for that pop of yellow.


Last, we are loving the combination of colors in this ensemble from Raquel Allegra’s 2017 Resort Collection. Pairing citrine Velvet Golden with Velvet Lilac for a show-stopping contrast and adding a hint of Topaz New Surf and Topaz Angora to slightly tone down and calm the palette.

We’ve got our coloring in, and though we seemed to have skipped over the nap we now declare snack time in session! Just like the good ol’ days!

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