We all love a little shibori so why not get it for everyone on your Christmas list? Or just get it al for yourself. Gifting is overrated anyway ūüėČ

Shibori Sofa

Every house needs¬†a sofa, and a shibori sofa¬†is the best kind.¬†If you can come home from work and sink into this blue and white cloud then everything will be just fine. It’s a magical sofa, filled with unicorns and rainbows. Okay, but it is super cute and if you come home and see it sitting there it’ll make you¬†feel pretty happy. Head over to Anthropologie to pick this beauty up.

Wrap¬†this little number from Shop Vida around your shoulders and luxuriate in shibori. It’s only $40 so you don’t have to feel guilty about it either.

You obviously need¬†an adorable outfit for baby so you can match. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. Shibori is gender neutral. We just decided.

And of course puppy needs some too. How cute is this dog bed?! If you don’t have a dog getting this bed will be a great excuse to¬†yourself a puppy. It’s a win-win.

Bringing shibori onto the table is so easy with our table runners, napkins or full size linens. We’re a little partial but it really does¬†the trick.

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And if you want to go really crazy, throw some plates in for good measure. #alltheshibori

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