We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday! Today we’re excited to show off these features with some of our new prints from the 2012 Collection. It’s always so exciting each year seeing our newest linens being used…. so keep em coming!

Featured On: Green Wedding Shoes
Photography By: Annie Edmonds
Designed By: You & Me Events
Flowers By: The Little Branch
Linens Featured: Stripes-Navy

Love our Stripes-Navy linen

Featured On: Mindy Weiss Blog
Designed By: Mindy Weiss
Flowers By: Mark’s Garden
Linens Featured: Seeing Spots-Jazzberry

So adorable!

Photography By: Krista Watzel Photography
Designed By: Tiny Bubbles Wedding & Event Design
Flowers By: TheRuffly Rose
Linens Featured: Chevron-Spice runner, Nuovo-WhiteTuscany Caribbean napkins

This color-combo is to die for!

Too cute

  1. Nofry

    Vilma,You do an amazing job with your prpooghathy. I got on your site this morning just to see if you had any of Nick and Tristin’s pictures on there yet. I realize it is probably a bit soon. Just looking and anxious. Thank you for helping to make their day special.Not sure who this couple are but they sure look like they are in love and the pictures are beautiful. What a nice wedding.Tina

  2. Flower

    Vilma I absolutely love them!! I got a ltlite teary eyed especially after seeing the picture of Hayden and my Grandpa what an amazing picture!! Thank you so much for everything!! You are amazing and we love you lots!! Thank you again so much and also Thank you to Dean!!

  3. Sandi

    Thanks Trip! I love film and would love clients to be ineeresttd in getting weddings shot on film. I think this was shot on fuji, but I love the porta 400. I should have some stuff up soon shot on it.

  4. Assult

    Beautiful story and love all the moments you were able to ctpuare, even though you were somewhat preoccupied with it being your wedding and everything 🙂 Fantastic work!