Spring has sprung and that means in with the vibrant and bright spring colors! We’re putting a little sunshine back into our lives with these fun fabrics. From green to blue and a pop of orange, we’ve got some fun Spring-appropriate linen selections for you.

Bright Spring Colors

Greenery is the color of the year and spring definitely brings the green. Consequently we have some great green options to deck out your spring flings. Dazzle Lemon Lime, Hudson Stripe Kiwi and Topaz Chartreuse play into this yellow-green color.

Blue takes us away to an island paradise. Be transported with a lighter and brighter shade of this calming color with Tuscany Tropical Blue, Dupionique Ice Blue and Dazzle Aqua.

A bold choice for spring is a fiery orange. Topaz Tangerine, Casablanca Tangerine, and Tuscany Orange are sure to heat up the party.

With a hop, skip and a jump Spring has sprung! That means all our happy, bright spring colors come out to play. What is your favorite Spring palette?

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At La Tavola there is no better way to dress your table in style than with linens! There are so many different types of fabrics to play with and each set their own tone. Here we are breaking down some of our favorite party pairings for you. That’s right – we are matching the fabric to the party!

Dress Your Table: All the Fabrics

Velvet – The hottest fabric of the moment, velvet is quickly becoming a classic at any style of event but often seen at high style weddings and fashionable dinner parties because of the rich style the fabric emanates off of the table.

Christina McNeill Photography

Cotton – A natural fiber that is soft and breathable. Cotton is the go-to at outdoor parties with an informal vibe.

Heather Payne Photography

Linen – An earthy, rustic feeling fabric that is a more formal alternative to cotton. Linen is commonly seen at outdoor summer soirees.

Hanna Photography

Organza – This sheer, thin fabric is classic at weddings, but because it’s less durable it is commonly used as an accent table for a spotlight cake or for a sweetheart table.

Connie Whitlock Photography

Taffeta – Known to be slightly iridescent, this crisp, smooth fabric is stunning as both a stand-alone leading-linen and seamlessly paired underlay or overlay giving the table a more modern, clean look. Taffeta is super versatile – it can elevate outdoor events with its light weight feel or is a good option for indoor events that want a flowy formal vibe.

Silvana Di Franco Photography

Raw silk – A textured woven fabric of spun silk that is really popular for weddings and fundraisers. Raw or spun silk naturally has a little shine but has more movement than taffeta.

Megan Clouse Photography

Sequins – Sequin linens stand out and create a sexy vibe.  They are most commonly used on accent tables at weddings or award shows.

Brian Leahy Photography

Lace – A delicate and romantic open fabric that works great for bridal or baby showers and weddings.

Claire Dobson Photography

What linen is your favorite to dress your table?

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