Texture. A word we LOVE hearing in the interior design world! While this can have many meanings, we like to use it to describe a luxurious fabric that we just love to feel! Some of our iconic textured fabrics are our Velvet, Tuscany, and our array of beautifully stitched linens.

Stitched fabrics have been the new trend whether it is in table linens, throw pillows, rugs, or bedding. There are so many unique ways to incorporate the stitched look! You can do neutrals, white on white, pops of color – you name it, we have it!

White on White Stitches

We always love the classic clean white on white look. Adding some texture to your color palette is a great way to differentiate the whites to create a fresh look.

Our Claire White is a beautiful creamy white stitched linen. With its modern crotchet stitching this linen definitely stands out in the crowd! It is perfect for a pop in a white on white design.

Tone on Tone Stitches

The monochromatic/tone on tone has been an inspo in all designs! Whether it is a neutral tone on tone print or colorful, we are loving all the texture!

The Adelaide Smoke is an addition to our collection and great tone on tone stitched fabric! This linen has small knitted stitches that embellishes the linens color palette. Although this is a smaller tone on tone print, these little stitches definitely make any table stand out!

Fringe Stitched Runners

Beautiful exposed tables and bold textured runners are definitely a match made in design heaven!

Our Wes runner comes in 3 hot colors! With is geometric inspired pattern this fringe runner definitely stands out in the crowd! We are oohing and awing over every design we see this in. Whether it is on an exposed table or layered with other patterns, it definitely has won over our hearts!

Bold Stitched Patterns

We always love a good vibrant print! Whether you want something subtle or bold, we have some stitched linens for any color combination!

Stitched linens doesn’t have to be understated they can be vibrant and bold like our Sutherland Navy. This unique stitched linen comes in four beautiful colors that add so much more than texture to a table!



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  1. Wayan Parmana

    This linens are so gorgeous. The pattern make it to the next level of art. A truly fine art

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner or a group of girlfriends, we have rounded up five fun looks for your table! What better way to celebrate this holiday than to embrace the pink (and red). There is absolutely no limit to how many sequin linens you can use; the more the better! From the fun patterns of our Milano collection to the beautiful beads of the Dolce Collection, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to be festive and embrace your wild side! Here are some looks we absolutely love…


All About Metallics!

There is something about metallics and neon that scream fun! If you’re looking for an option that sets the tone, the Cyndi is for you. This Cyndi is certainly bright and eye catching; there is no doubt that this linen will get the party started!

Smooth Like Velvet

If you’re looking to bring the glam, look no further! The Velvet linen is everything you need and more. This luxe linen drapes like a dream and is a wonderful linen option for an intimate dinner. We love the romantic feel of this soft linen – other than candles, you really won’t need anything else!

In Love With Brunch

Meredith Jane Photo | Always Yours Events

Are you celebrating this holiday with friends, family or children? We love the idea of a Valentine’s Day Brunch atop the Charles linen! The charm of this linen makes it a great fit for any daytime affair. The pattern and soft pink through out the Charles is a wonderful invitation for those to gather around.

Crazy For Patterns!

Anna Delores | Wild Heart Events

Looking for a bold pattern in the perfect color palette? Here it is! When using a linen such as the James Cherry, keeping the centerpiece and tableware minimal or more simple is the key to success. The James linen is without a doubt fun twist on your typical red and pink tablescape! 

All About The Iridescence!

Sally Pinera Photography | Smith James Events | Of The Flowers

If you’re celebrating the glamorous girlfriends in your life, this is the table for you! From the dreamy, pastel centerpieces to the iridescent tablecloth, this trendy table does not disappoint. For those wanting to incorporate a soft, pink hue, the Dupionique Iridescence Blush is the perfect linen!

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