After much anticipation, we are so excited to unveil the 2020 Spring/Summer Collection! From beautiful, bold floral appliqués of the Georgia linen to soft, delicate embroidery of the Carter and Luisa, this collection was inspired by the organic patterns and understated sophistication of nature. As a true representation of the environment, this collection includes muted, earthy tones and a mixture of flora-inspired designs. ‘The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.’ – Natalie Angier 



The Georgia linen, available in Burlap, Greystone and Powder, celebrates the natural beauty of our surrounding foliage. Adorned in leafy appliqués, this linen is effortlessly beautiful and the wonderful way to add detail to your table.


Luisa, which intricately displays a winding vine pattern, is authentic to the dense and freeform nature of surrounding vegetation. This linen is available in 4 colors – Vanilla, Taupe, Navy and Sky.


Carter, a linen comprised of subtly stitched leaves, is a great linen choice for those who are embracing simplicity and soft tones. This linen is available in three colors; Natural, Smoke and Sky!


Luke is an exquisitely woven, solid fabric full of texture. This linen is perfect for pairing with other linens in this collection and is available in napkins. Luke is available in Chalk, Natural, Charcoal, Smoke, Indigo and Sky.

The beauty of nature is often whimsical and unexpected, and our hope for this collection is to bring those qualities to your table. The versatile color palette and delicate patterns are a wonderful way to enhance an already beautiful backdrop.


To view our 2020 Spring/Summer Look Book, click here!


Our Favorite Pairings





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A color symbolizing both passion and energy, red is most popularly known for its ‘attention-grabbing’ nature! From rolling out the red carpet to painting the town red, there is always an occasion to celebrate this captivating color. Red is dynamic – it often represents the romance of a relationship and adorns our favorite holiday tables. We are passionate about the color of love and its mesmerizing ways!




While a napkin is often overlooked, that was not the case with this Chinese-American Wedding feature via Style Me Pretty. With a soft color palette of lilac and peach, a small ‘pop of red’ was the perfect fit for this already stunning tablescape. Our Tuscany Red Oak napkin brought great cultural meaning to this dining experience while also balancing beautiful centerpieces!


Kelsea Holder


Although we often think of red as vibrant and the life of the party, its not too distant relatives can be just as charming! The Velvet Pinot is a great option that brings warmth and harmony to a table already bursting with color.


Trish Barker Photography




For a high contrast look, the Dylan Cherry is one of our top picks! It’s fun and whimsical; it certainly brings the excitement to the party! To elevate your look, pair a bold color such as red with a soft pastel similar to our Tuscany Ice below.


Lacie Hansen Photography


When designing a table, let your pattern lead the way! When adding a bold pattern, especially one full of red, allow yourself to have more simple centerpieces and napkins. The Enchantress Henna is definitely one way to make a statement at your event.


Eileen Meny Photography




For a bit more sparkle and glam, adding a textured sequin linen similar to our Taylor Wine linen can bring your design to life. Adding both texture and color to a table is guaranteed way to catch your guest’s attention!


Megan Clouse Photography


If you are wanting to incorporate red in a simple, classic look, the clean lines of the Voyager Sumac is a great option. The texture of this red runner elevates the design and brings even more detail to your place settings. In addition, sleek centerpieces are any easy way to complete your look!


Alison Bryan



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