From a banquet hall covered in luxe velvet to a seaside soirée draped in textured linen, general consensus says that candlelight is a must! For many years, candles have been a part of life’s most precious moments – whether it be walking down the aisle into the arms of a loved one or a celebratory dinner with friends a family, there is something magical about the warm glow and ambiance. As we enter the season of celebration, here are a few helpful tips and resources for celebrating by candlelight. 


1) Go Dripless! In order to avoid damage to linens, chargers and the surrounding vicinity, dripless candles are a wonderful alternative to traditional wax candles. One of our favorite looks, the taper candle, is available in a dripless option. This removes the hassle from post-event cleanup as well as any worry during your celebration.


Claire VanillaCory Weber Photography


2) Enclose the flame! In some cases, a dripless candle is not available and you are required (or may prefer) to use a traditional candle. In this case, it is super important to protect the flame. Unbeknownst to the host or guest, it is very common to see something as small as a draft carry wax across the surface of a linen. Take precaution and enclose your flame in a glass hurricane. Another option would be to place a bobèche around each individual candle – a bit more tedious but a great way to rid the chance of anything spilling.


Aurora Sand | Foxtails Photography


3) Snuff, Snuff, Snuff! At the end of the night, be sure to use a candle snuffer. Blowing out a candle is one of the easiest ways to spill on a linen. When you blow an open flame, you risk candle wax dripping directly onto the table as well as the surrounding wax spilling over. With a quick snuff of each flame, you avoid the risk of the flame reigniting too! 


Tuscany White | Ashley Sawtelle


4) Hands off the molten candle! While it’s very tempting to quickly grab a candle that was just snuffed, let the wax settle and dry before clearing everything. Slighting tipping the candle candle holder or the surrounding dish can cause a catastrophic spill. 


Freya Goldenrod | Lacie Hansen Photography


While the beauty of candles are truly unmatched, there are wonderful tools available and steps that can be taken to protect your linen. We hope you find these tips helpful as you gather together and celebrate wonderful company!

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From ombre centerpieces to plaid linens, there are no limits in the world of design. Some of the most unique concepts and decor have been developed by those brave enough to push the boundaries. A wedding embellished in tropical decor? Done! A carnival themed corporate event? Check! What was once considered bold or unusual, is more mainstream now than ever. While some trends only last one season, some continue to take the industry by storm. Here are five of our favorite linen looks that have both the sophistication and style to stick around for the long haul.

1) Geometric Prints

Tucker Linen | Lacie Hansen Photography

Freya Linen | Twila’s Photography

2) Flowers on Floral

Sweet Pea Fuchsia

Olivia Blush | Hunter Ryan Photo

3) Simply Modern

Velvet Grey | Jose Villa

Velvet Steel | Kayla Barker

4) Layers of Texture

Adelaide Ivory | Jessica Rieke

Phoenix Rust | Alante Photography

5) Monochromatic

Nuovo White | Mathew Moore Photography

Velvet Pink | Carlos Hernandez


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