A question we get pretty often is, “Can you ever have too much pattern?” Our answer is… NO WAY!! We always love seeing our clients take risks with patterns and add their personal flare to their table. We are all for having pattern on pattern designs!

Pattern On Pattern Inspiration

Patterns are a fun way to add some dimension to any design. They are great to accent in napkin or if you want a bolder look to do the full table cloth. We are never afraid to suggest both 😉

Photography: Melanie Deurkopp

Looking for patterns in the same color hue is the perfect start of mixing and matching patterns. Linens in the same color palette like our Butterfly Glacier napkin and our Polarize Glacier linen work great together because of their similarity. Their white, black, and touches of blue pattern are so different yet they compliment each other so well.

Photography: Gagewood

Table runners and exposed wood tables are so on trend this season! Table runners are the perfect way to dress up any plain wood table. It adds some color and contrast while keeping the natural beauty in the wood. We are loving our Brush Square Blue table Runner and our Mabel Grey napkin paired together on this table.

Photography: Willhouse Photography

We are loving all this color in this picture! Patterns are such a fun way to create a bold new look! In this picture we have our Casablanca Steel Blue paired with our Watercolor Orchid. Even though these patterns are so different they look are a match made in heaven!

Photography: Studio EMP

Patterns are such a great wow factor to any design! As you can see, more pattern the more bolder look!



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