Aren’t peony flowers delightful? With their lovely scent that fills a room and soft delicate petals, they seem to be the perfect flower for table decor. Luckily, we have many linens inspired by these fragrant beauties…

Whether you are looking for a subtle peony pattern in our Peony-Ivory
 Or maybe a rich Peony-Harvest Gold

Or lastly, perhaps a Peony-Ivory Organza Overlay

No matter which peony linen you choose, the results are sure to be amazing…
Flowers by:  Kathy Hoffman
Linen Featured: Peony-Ivory
See what I mean…
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Alright, so I may have gone a bit overboard with the pictures of peonies- but they are SO GORGEOUS! The amazing floral arrangements, artistically composed by the incredibly talented Kathy Hoffman capture your attention and infuse the scene with life! Rebecca Feeney with Custom Event Group brought the whole, beautiful wedding together with the great skill her team has developed over years of experience. These amazing shots were captured by Sara Remmington with Kuperburg Photography (love her blog!) and Damion Hamilton for your enjoyment!

Linen featured: Garland – Pumpkin

Linen featured: Peony – Ivory

Linen featured: Bingo – Natural

Linen’s featured: Peony in Ivory & Taffeta Trimmed Napkin in Ivory

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