We’re fans of the Mediterranean. Who isn’t? Italy, Greece, Spain, etc etc. We love the colors, textures, sights, sounds and flavors. And a little mediterranean mosaic? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Our new Sienna linen captures a glimpse of the landscape in a fun and bold pattern in three appropriate color ways.

Mediterranean Mosaic

Tile | Dress | Landscape | Gate

Blue and white is always a crisp and beautiful palette, from delftware to white sand beaches it’s a crowd pleasing favorite. Sienna Blue is perfect for this classic color combination.

Red, yellow and blue is what we typically think of as a quintessential Italian palette. Earthy and organic tones that play off one another and create an amazing balance.

St. Peter’s Basilica | Invitation Suite | Limone Sul Garda

We love the richness of this color combo and Sienna Red is the perfect option for that provincial feel.

Blue and yellow is another combo that speaks of the Mediterranean countryside. Sienna Yellow is like a combination of limoncello and Lac Bleu de Lesponne.


Okay, that might be a stretch. But it is really pretty and we like it.

Do you have a favorite between the three?

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Our 2017 collection has been one of our favorites. Today we’re taking a closer look at a few linens and some inspiration pairings with recent runway looks. Ready, set, go!

Inspiration Pairings with Runway Show-stoppers

Starting off with a bold look from the Delpozo Resort 2018 collection and the perfectly paired Cyndi Melon. A match made in neon heaven! Love the touch of navy blue with the head scarf… Kansas Navy napkins would look great with the Cyndi linen and add that pop of contrast.

A beautiful lace/crochet number from Reem Acra looks like it was make from our new Charolette linen. We’re always suckers for a good, classic black and white combo, and this might be a new favorite. Charolette White looks great draped over a wood table to show a little skin, so to speak, or over a classic Tuscany White or Nuovo White for a sleek look with a dash of texture.

Keeping the cut out theme going, Jean Paul Gaultier opts for chic, black leather and Gucci knocks it out of the park with sequins. For Gaultier, we go to cut out leather lace Toni. For Gucci, sequin petal lace Flora. Naughty or nice? Either way is fabulous.

Work It

Looking for something similar to this feather/flame Ziad Nakad gown? Look no further. Mariah is a sequin pattern overlay that evokes that same vibe of a phoenix rising from the flames. Not to be confused with our Phoenix linen which is less glam, more boho dream – different story but same name. Have we thoroughly confused you? Too bad! Onward!

Valentino brings you the ‘more is more’ look and it is so right. Got some room? Stick a flower on it! Blossom White is on the same wave length, giving volume and texture where you want it and hiding your the table’s trouble spots. Got a bod table that you want to flaunt? Drape it over without an underlay and let it peek through those delicate petals.

This fuchsia duo from Givenchy gives you the old 1 and 2 punch, screaming at you to #livecolorfully! Holi Fuchsia here to cure your need for bright colors and flowing textures.

We’re feeling inspired and ready to get to work! Excuse us while we go wrap ourselves in some linens and practice our runway stomp. That counts as work, don’t worry.

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