Shades of summer blonde are popping up everywhere. This golden hue is just so reminiscent of the season, whether its blondes on the beach or when the soft sun sets on those long summer days.

Summer Blonde


Let your hair down and soak up the sun, it’s summer time!

No one shade of blonde is alike and we love the range of colors from white blonde to golden. Here’s a few of our favorite blonde inspired linens for your summer time soirées.

Mod Pods Golden, Peony Harvest Gold and Panama Clipper are some of the prettiest options to set that summer blonde tone.

Who doesn’t love the beach blonde life?

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  1. Bernarda

    Besides linen having the best feel on the skin of any cloth, its texture and color makes it perfect to survive the summer heat. Greetz, from Almería.

We are here to talk about neon, the oh so bright and vibrant hue. It really packs a colorful punch and is a guaranteed star of any table or outfit.

We couldn’t resist livening up our Milano collection with some neon this year. Cyndi comes in three fun and vivacious hues.

Neon paired with a dark tone balances out the color palette. We’re taking note from this fringy neon dress from Marchesa’s Fall 2017 line.

Neon On The Runway


Just a touch of neon adds personality and a unique touch even in home decor.

About Neon Interiors


We are especially loving the neon with the black and white print combo in this last picture so we’re throwing together a little tablescape inspo for ya. We’re thinking Cyndi Lemon with Casa de Perrin Cristian Lacroix plates and a neon dipped rope chandelier or just around as decor.

Neon Tablescape


What do you think about neon?

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