Most of our clients are amazed at how we are able to keep track of so many linens–which is why I thought we should re-visit an old post from 2009 explaining how our RFID tags work…

A few days ago we received a call from a representative of an event venue. He said that he had found a bag of our linens but did not know which client or event it was from. Now, for most linen companies this would present a problem because a lot of effort would have to go into finding the order that corresponded with that bunch of linens.
La Tavola, on the other hand, uses an RFID system – or Radio Frequency Identification system – that allows us to track each item in our inventory with a tag and scanner. Once the used linens are returned to our warehouse, they are immediately scanned and tracked in our computer system. Thus, we know instantly which order they belong to!
Example of the internal structure of an RFID tag (courtesy Wikipedia) 

La Tavola linen bags, received after an event and ready to be scanned!

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