How to set a table… Thanks to our old friend Emily Post 😉

As we prepare for holidays this season, the table becomes a central part of the festivities. To help ensure a perfect setting, here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:

1)Forks: Guests will start with utensils placed on the outside and work their way in, so put the salad fork the furthest from the place setting, entrée fork closest.

2)Knife and Spoons: The dinner knife should be placed to the right of the dinner plate, facing inward, next to it lies the teaspoon. Place the larger soup spoon on the outside.

3)Plates: The old rule was that dinner plates didn’t go on the table before the food was served (a charger or service plate was used instead). Rules change, and pre-setting dinner plates is perfectly acceptable. Chargers can still be used to add a layer of interest to the setting. Bread plates go above the forks.

4)Napkins: Folded and kept either to the left of the forks or laid across plate.

5)Glassware: Always on your right. The water goblet is above the dinner knife. The red wineglass is set to the right. The white wine glass is set above the red to make a triangle, or further to the right in a diagonal.

6)Centerpiece: It’s important that centerpieces be either above or below guests’ line of vision to allow for easy conversation. Colorful, seasonal fruits are beautiful and easy. Tightly massed arrangements of a single flower are also effortless and chic.

Happy tavola setting!

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