Woohoo! It’s Find Me Friday, and we have some fabulous finds of spectacular events from all over the wedding blogosphere for you to gobble up (hmm, can you tell we’re already geared up for Thanksgiving?!! ; ). We’re excited to share these delectables with you so that you can get inspiration, take the best of what you like, and make your own event décor fit exactly to your design visions.

Here they are, Event Lovers. . . the finds of this beautiful Friday:

Find #1:  Inspired by This – Ranch Wedding in Malibu CA
This old-world, romantic wedding is a beautiful example of incorporating antique pieces into décor. The Monique Antique Ivory and Dupionique Bamboo linens are used in a way that adds dimension to the reception and brings some timeless romance to the design.

[Linens Featured: Monique Antique Ivory, Dupionique Bamboo]


Find #2:  100 Layer Cake – Rustic Handmade Wedding in Colorado
This wedding is a remarkable illustration of how DIY events can come together beautifully. Replete with a double-rainbow at the end of the bride & groom’s vows, these nuptials include the Maya White, Lyme Check Sagegrass, and Lacy Endive linen as a way to pull in the rustic style of the event and paint the color scheme.

[Linens Featured: Maya White, Lyme Check Yellow, Lacy Endive]


Find #3:  Green Wedding Shoes – 1950s Mod Wedding Inspiration
This fantastic photo shoot is completely invigorating and and totally stylish. The Gatto Zebra linen combines seamlessly with the theme and the mod spunk really shines through. <3

[Linens Featured: Gatto Zebra]


Find #4:  Style Me Pretty – St. Helena Farm Wedding
This natural-feeling wedding is the type that just makes you want to take in a big breath of fresh air! The Burlap Natural table runners are used here in a manner that fits perfectly with the rustic, yet thoughtful, farm theme.

[Linens Featured: Burlap Natural]

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Friday finds, and have a truly fantastic weekend!

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