The week has come to an end (go ahead — let out that BIG sigh), and it’s time for weekend fun. Also time for some Find Me Friday fun! Here are four fantastic finds from around the wedding blogosphere. . . get ready for some major inspiration:

Find 1 – Style Me Pretty : Coastal Private Plantation Wedding

This glistening day is set in a private South Carolina plantation near the sea and boasts quite a few unique details [check out the oyster & mussel salt + pepper holders] that make this celebration truly one of a kind.

[Linens featured – Circle Snow | Tuscany Natural]

Find 2 – Style Me Pretty : Oak Tree Styled Shoot

Simple. Elegant. French. Gorgeous shoot under the Oak trees in beautiful Los Olivos, CA.

[Linen featured – Tuscany Wedgwood]

Find 3 – Carats & Cake : Glittering Seaside Wedding

There’s something breathtaking about mixing a sparkling table with elements of the natural world in this lovely seaside wedding.

[Linens featured – Brooklyn Nude | Nuovo Navy Blue]

Find 4 – Style me Pretty : Whimsical Marin Wedding

Urban, chic, and whimsical all at once, this pure delight of a wedding is full of style and fun.

[Linen featured – Tuscany Eggshell]

Enjoy a wonderful weekend & happy designing!!

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