Well, fancy this: it’s Find Me Friday! And what a fantastic Friday it is with all of these beautiful event finds. We’ve got four fabulous features to lay out in front of you and pave the way for some stellar event ideas. Starting with. . .

Find #1:  Style Me Pretty – Napa Valley Wedding by Jose Villa
Classic, with a hint of modern, this soft-colored wedding brings in the Moire Sky linen to add a light blue tone to the eventscape.

[Linen Featured: Moire Sky]


Find #2:  Inspired by This – Invading Robots Baby Shower
This is definitely one of the best baby shower themes we’ve seen — invading robots! — and on top of that, it integrates the Retro Yellow linen as a fun base for some wacky, well-designed festivities.

[Linen Featured: Retro Yellow]


Find #3:  A Jubilee Event – Blue Stripes Bar Mitzvah
We love how the Essex French Blue linen adds a simultaneously sophisticated and boyish air to this event, making it both adult and kid-friendly. Mazel tov!

[Linen Featured: Essex French Blue]


Find #4:  The Collection – Herb Garden Wedding
This refreshing motif incorporates herbs, succulents, and just about every lovely thing from a garden — and even includes our bean bags, linens, and patterned pillows!

[Linens Featured: Ritz Gunmetal, Moire Silver, Tuscany Plum Bean Bags, Bedazzle Grey Pillows]

Happy Friday & we hope you enjoy a weekend as beautiful as these events!

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