An easier-to-read version of the above 😉
This holiday season,
la tavola has a reason
to forgo paper cards
that send our regards.
Instead, we will honor you
and all the events you do
through sharing with others,
our sisters and brothers.
Donations to local food banks
is how we express our thanks
for helping us enter 2010
with a bounty of beautiful linen!
We have reallocated our budget for holiday cards into a donation to food banks in our showrooms’ communities: Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay area, and Beverly Hills/Los Angeles. With this contribution, 2,400 meals will be served to those in need this holiday season. We thank you for your support in helping us give back to our communities.
We are so fortunate to have clients like you that help make it possible to give to others. For more info on the particular food banks we contributed to, check them out below!
Redwood Empire Food Bank in Sonoma County
From our table to yours, we send you magical wishes for a happy holiday and full tummies!
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