Prints, patterns and texture make our world go round. We believe tablescapes can create just as much of a fashion statement as an outfit. From the linens to tabletop, décor, florals and more, there are many elements that play an important role in setting the mood at an event.

We wanted to share an easy-to-follow guide to creating a memorably fashionable table.

PRETTY IN PRINTS – Prints and patterns make a statement and create a color palette to draw from. When using a print or pattern as a focal point, it’s important to follow a few key rules:

  1. Pull out your favorite colors in the linen pattern to use throughout the décor on the table.
  2. For simple events, use a solid plate or napkin to balance the table.
  3. To achieve more of a fashion forward look mix prints and patterns, however when mixing patterns and prints combine large and small prints together and do not overwhelm the look with many patterns in the same scale.
Shannon Skloss Photography
Jillian Rose Photography

TEXTURAL REVOLUTION – Texture has the power to make any color more interesting and adds a fun element to a table. There are so many ways to do this, with linens or without.

  1. Linen fabrics are a simple way to add texture. This season velvet is making a big play again as are cut-outs and appliques. Layering plain linens adds a gentle touch of texture.
  2. Florals are especially important when adding texture to a table and can make a plain table stand out. Flowers give a softer feel while succulents and greenery offer more of a modern, sculptural textural element to a table.
  3. Choose table top pieces that have a raised pattern or texture such as etched glassware, vintage glassware or plates with an embossed pattern or flatware with decorative handles.
Shannon Skloss Photography
Shannon Skloss Photography

EYE CATCHING COLOR – Whether you go monochromatic or color block, color brings visual interest to a table. Here are some rules when working in color:

  1. When color blocking stick with three or four colors, one main and then other supplemental colors.
  2. Pick colors with the same undertones either warm or color throughout the table to keep it uniform.
  3. When sticking with a uniform palette, it’s still important to bring in a pop of color, but keep it complementary.
Sylvie Gil Photography
Ryon Lockhart Photography

What are your favorite ways to style with prints, patterns and texture?

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