Helping Our Health Heroes

At a time when we are seeing the world band together to combat the spread of COVID-19, individuals and businesses alike are striving to innovate. Communities are launching new endeavors in order to provide for those in need. We are striving to do what we can as well! In an effort to provide essential protection to our healthcare providers on the frontline, La Tavola and BBJ Linen are fabricating isolation gowns, masks, scrub caps, and plastic face protectors in compliance and protocol with ANSI and FDA standards.

These items are made from a medical grade fabric with sterilization capability and washable with chlorine. By utilizing a washable fabric, an organization can have better control of their inventory without needing to rely on the supply of disposable products. Each item offers adjustable sizing, while the gowns offer protective wrist barriers.

The protective fabrics are technically advanced, highly dense structures with very low permeability. The fabrics are constructed with polyester warp and fill with interwoven antistatic filaments included. PFG protective fabrics are also treated with durable surface-active treatments to impart fluid resistance and/or soil release activity.


Very tightly woven, flurochemical treated fabrics do not allow for easy flushing of washes or rinse solutions through the fabric, As with laminated products the wash load should be approximately 70% of rated capacity. This will have the effect of improving the cleaning efficiency and final appearance of the garment. The same is true for drying. The tightness of the fabric requires that multiple rinses be used to ensure removal of alkaline materials and surfactants.

As part of our continued effort to provide essential protection to our healthcare providers on the frontline, we are offering Polycarbonate Face Shields:

– .018 Clear Polycarbonate
– Latex Free Elastic Head Band
– Foam Forehead Cushion
– Disposable
– No Minimum Orders
– Made in the USA

Our teammates at BBJ Linen will be taking inquiries. If you are interested, please contact Eve Katz at or Erin Ollendike at