By far one of the best parts of the holiday is all of the beautiful light! December just seems to have a warm glow that makes everything feel brilliant yet cozy at the same time. So, this post is dedicated to: light! Light on the table, light in the home, and light at your events!

Very elegant, simple, and sophisticated. Plus, the bottles can be re-used for other kinds of crafty decor during the year!

The thing I like here is not only the different silver and gold candleholders, but the different sized candles to create a sophisticated, detailed show of light.

Modern and clean (or should I say clear?), these candleholders range from an astounding $2.95-5.95 at CB2!

A modern-vintage look, I like the hints of color that the glass picks up, like this gorgeous ice blue.

The unique shapes of the bottles, as well as the green hues of the glass, offer an array of posibilities for decorating your holiday table.

These are home-made candles in real shells! I think this is such a beautiful and creative idea. Perfect for a romantic and road-less-traveled feel.

Ooh. . . so whimsical and warm-feeling. Makes me want to be home for the holidays!

And here are some lovely linens that have looked fabulous in candlelight:

Peony Ivory

Tuscany Natural

Tuscany Plum

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