The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived . . . our BRAND NEW WEBSITE is here! Welcome, and we hope you enjoy. Our completely renovated site has so many beautiful things to do, like peruse the LookBook for inspiration and choose wedding and event décor items for your special occasions. Today, we’re going to start by introducing one of the most highly-anticipated features of all: placing orders online! Here’s a snapshot tutorial on how to place your order on the web as seamlessly as a few clicks:

1. Go to

2. Start shopping! [There’s no “place an order” button or tab. Instead, you simply go through and shop just like you would on any eCommerce website like Amazon or Etsy.] Once you find an item you like, just click on the box to the left of the item.

3. You can adjust the quantity of whatever item you choose by either clicking the arrows in the quantity box or placing your cursor there and typing in the number you want.

4. Once you’ve input the quantity, click “ADD TO CART.” You’ll then see the number of items in your cart in parenthesis in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

5. Let’s say you want to add napkins to your order. If you know the name of the product you want, great! Type it into the SEARCH box. Otherwise, feel free to browse the napkin collection by clicking on LINENS in the tool bar and then clicking on “Napkins” in the drop-down menu.


6. Browse the Napkins section of the website based on the color, style, or name of the napkin.

7. Repeat the process of choosing the item you want, adjusting the quantity, and adding it to your cart.

8. Once you’re ready to check out, click on your CART button. It will take you to your shopping cart. On that page, click QUOTE REQUEST to submit your request.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to find the QUOTE REQUEST button and click on it to submit your request:

9. Once you click on QUOTE REQUEST, a pop-up box appears. If you already have an account with us, enter the email address associated with your account. A private password specifically dedicated to your account has already been assigned in our system and will be automatically be emailed to you. You may also email us directly with a password of your choosing so that we can change it to suit your preference.

10. Click CONTINUE in the pop-up box and fill in all your information for the order. Then click QUOTE REQUEST at the bottom of the page.

You’ll be brought to a page where you can review your order and adjust anything that you want to change. Once all is correct, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “YES” box if you agree to the terms and conditions. You’ll also need to fill in some numbers or letters in the captcha box so we know you’re a real person with a real event and not a bot! Click on SUBMIT QUOTE REQUEST to proceed with your request.

You’ll then end up on the page shown below, thanking you for your request and providing any summary information regarding your order. *Please note that any order you request is first a “quote” until we confirm the order and receive your payment information.


We’re so excited to be able to offer a convenient, at-your-fingertips ordering process! Of course, always feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries. . . and happy designing!

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