Well, I started with a swatch of fabric and its inspiration led to this entire conglomoration! Just goes to show that you can use a starting point for your events (like a color, a flower, or a fabric) and really just build off of that. Find something you really love or that really excites you and you’ll have fuel to keep the ball rolling!

Eleganza Opal fabric (solid color like this for napkins, and a tri-color stripe for table cloths)

Check out these fantastic shoes from This Is Glamourous!

A lovely boutaneer featured on The Bride’s Cafe.

A marvelously inspiring photo (I just love that plant in there!) from Snippet & Ink

A dress that makes the heart flutter! . . . Haley and Brent’s Wedding featured on Bride’s Cafe

So, the point of this post is to take a piece that inspires you (like a love swatch of fabric 😉 and go from there! For swatches of La Tavola fabric, contact us!
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