If there is one photographer we can’t get enough of it’s Gray Malin. While we sit here dreaming of jet-setting away to be a model on one of these shoots, our minds are lighting up with inspiration from all the sceneries and bright colors. Take a look at some of our favorite finds below!

La Dolce Vita 

Don’t you just love that orange and white stripe against the cool Mediterranean Sea? It reminds us of Hudson Stripe Tangerine or Strand Tiger Lily.

Art Deco Miami

Gray Malin shot an array of umbrella’s in his Miami Art Deco Collection. It is by far one of our favorites. We love the texture of the sand mixed with the greys, pinks, and whites. Is anyone else thinking of our Essex Pink or Hugo Indigo?

Prada Marfa

It’s hard to believe that that sunset is real, but it is! The different tones and it’s ombre nature makes us think of Sinai Sunrise Amethyst and Sinai Sunrise Aegean.

Images via Gray Malin

Do you ever find inspiration in a photo or piece of art? Share with us where you find your inspiration!

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