Happy Friday linen enthusiasts! La Tavola has always felt a strong commitment to give back to our community year after year, particularly during the holiday season. This year, we decided to do something a little out of the ordinary and wanted to participate in the season of giving FIRST-HAND. Leading with the motto, “Everybody is somebody’s baby”, we feel that every person-young or old-deserves to feel a sense of warmth and kindness around the holidays. With this, our goal this year was to provide a small gesture of cheer to the homeless community of San Francisco.

We packed up over 200 backpacks full of fresh water, snacks, cozy blankets (made by us), and a small amount of cash. While we wish that we could have made thousands more, it was great knowing that these care-packages would be much-appreciated and put to good use.

Our La Tavola team is out on the streets of San Francisco TODAY passing out these backpacks, and the sincere gratitude that we have received is well-worth our efforts. We cherish bringing in the holidays with this positive sense of giving back to our community and look forward to future donations and acts of kindness. Have a great weekend all!

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