Below is a guest blog post straight from one of our very own la tavola gals, so enjoy!

I’m writing this blog post today because I want to spread some much-appreciated (and often delightfully surprising) news. Since working with la tavola almost since its inception – over 3 years now – and constantly getting such incredible feedback from clients about the beauty and quality of our linens, I’ve realized that it’s easy to see beauty and take it at face value; but, it’s not always intuitive knowledge that just because the quality is high, it doesn’t mean the prices are too.
In fact, I had a bride come into the showroom this week and show me her notes comparing the prices of the kind of linen she wanted from 5 different rental companies. Our prices beat every one of them.
So, how is la tavola able to do this? Well, for starters, everything is done in-house – from the sewing to the washing to assembling of swatches. We actually have a 60,000 square foot warehouse that essentially functions as a magical little village creating fabulous linens 😉 On top of that, the owners have a true passion for incredible fabric and they wanted to share the beauty with as many people as possible by making la tavola’s linens as affordable as they could.   
So, when you see something in our collection that strikes your fancy, don’t let your imagination run wild. . . except, of course, when you’re designing your event J

Happy linen festvizing!

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