Like the latavola showrooms of Beverly Hills and San Francisco, our latest location at 1102 State Street in Santa Barbara has the pleasure of being surrounded by awesome neighbors! Every morning, the comforting aromas of baking pastries made by Mrs. Andersen and her friendly staff from Andersen’s cafe floats by our door, accompanied by the scent of fresh pressed coffee from the French Press, made by the best crew of barista’s in town 😉 To satiate your artistic and cultural appetite, just up the block from us lies the venerable Santa Barbara Museum of Art. It is here that they presented the opening of their “Chaotic Harmony” collection, using our Dupionique Iridescence in Aqua to drape their tables and flowers by Michael Mantalos of Louloudi Designs.

Thanks to Liane Duffy from the SBMA for the pics!

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