Napa Headquarters

2655 Napa Valley Corporate Drive
Napa, CA 94558

Please call or email to request an appointment June 15, 2020 or later
9am - 4pm

Phone: 707-257-3358
FAX: 707-257-3386

Meet the team

  • Andrea Garcia

    Andrea Garcia

    Order Fulfillment Supervisor
  • Araceli Ayvar

    Araceli Ayvar

    Shipping Supervisor
  • Carmel Drudy

    Carmel Drudy

  • Carolina Carapaia

    Carolina Carapaia

    Shipping Assistant
  • Christine "CeCe" Cannavo

    Christine "CeCe" Cannavo

    Director of Business Operations
  • Claudia Galaviz

    Claudia Galaviz

    Quality Control
  • Danielle Jerome

    Danielle Jerome

  • Danielle Mitchell

    Danielle Mitchell

    Creative Director
  • Dawnine Cates

    Dawnine Cates

    Customer Service Manager
  • Debbie Sherman

    Debbie Sherman

    Accounts Payable
  • Deva Moore

    Deva Moore

    Sales Executive
  • Fransine Villasenor

    Fransine Villasenor

    Customer Resolution Coordinator
  • Jenelle Ortiz

    Jenelle Ortiz

    Sales Coordinator
  • Leslie Prouten

    Leslie Prouten

    Production Manager
  • Lian Bordelon

    Lian Bordelon

    Human Resource Assistant
  • Luz Montiel

    Luz Montiel

    Purchasing Manager
  • Megan Byle

    Megan Byle

    Customer Service
  • Monica De Leon

    Monica De Leon

    Customer Service
  • Partha Rangarajan

    Partha Rangarajan

    Director of Operations Strategy
  • Roxanne Cole

    Roxanne Cole

    Human Resources Manager
  • Taylor Murphy

    Taylor Murphy

    Design & Marketing Coordinator
  • Teri Coates

    Teri Coates

    Accounting Manager

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