From the moment you contact us or visit one of our showrooms, the carefully curated collections and personal attention that we provide is palpable. Outside of our designer showrooms, we have linen consultants across the country and we ship our linens nationwide. Email us to get in touch with an account representative near you!



We work with the most amazing team and they can't wait to help you find the perfect linen for your event!

  • Lori Chavez

    Corona Del Mar Showroom

    Lori Chavez

    Senior Sales Executive
  • Monya Gemignani

    Corona Del Mar Showroom

    Monya Gemignani

    Sales Executive
  • Margaret Brock

    Dallas Showroom

    Margaret Brock

    Sales Executive
  • Sydney Card

    Dallas Showroom

    Sydney Card

    Sales Executive for Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa & Nebraska
  • Laura Meyers

    East Bay Area

    Laura Meyers

    Sales Executive
  • Emily Karlen


    Emily Karlen

    Sales Executive for Georgia
  • Renee Schink

    Healdsburg Showroom

    Renee Schink

    Sales Executive for New York, New Jersey & Connecticut
  • MacKensey Horne

    Healdsburg Showroom

    MacKensey Horne

    Sales Executive
  • Sara Cilloni

    Los Gatos Showroom

    Sara Cilloni

    Senior Sales Executive
  • Stephanie Shepherd


    Stephanie Shepherd

    Sales Executive
  • Deva Moore

    Napa Headquarters

    Deva Moore

    Sales Executive
  • Whitney Werts

    Pacific Northwest Region

    Whitney Werts

    Sales Executive for Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska
  • Sarah Granger-Twomey

    Rocky Mountain Region

    Sarah Granger-Twomey

    Sales Executive for Colorado, Montana, Utah & Wyoming
  • Heather Hanson

    Sacramento Showroom

    Heather Hanson

    Sales Executive
  • Nicole Roveto

    San Francisco Showroom

    Nicole Roveto

    Sales Executive
  • Alexi Marquina

    Santa Barbara Showroom

    Alexi Marquina

    Senior Sales Executive
  • Ali Trombla

    Scottsdale Showroom

    Ali Trombla

    Sales Executive for Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico
  • Caroline Cook

    Southeast Region

    Caroline Cook

    Sales Executive for D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virigina
  • Hannah Gibbs

    Southern Region

    Hannah Gibbs

    Sales Executive for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky & Tennessee
  • Want to be part of the La Tavola team?

    If you don't see a sales representative in your area and are interested in joining our team, please contact us!