Happy Marvel Me Monday, folks! Today, we’re inspired by a 1925 Cartier scarab brooch made of turquoise, gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, citrine, onyx. . . and just about every other beautiful gem known to man. This stunner was once on display in the Art Deco exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

[photo : adelle.com]


Here’s what this masterpiece of jewels + art has inspired in the spools of la tavola’s imagination:

Linens [from top to bottom]: Lily Gold [2015 Collection] :: Neiman Red [2015 Collection] :: New York Silver [Sequins Collection] :: Marrakesh Mika [Pompeii Collection] :: Tuscany Turquoise [Tuscano Collection]

We hope you’re as marveled as we are, and have a great week!

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