Hello, Marvelous Event Mavens!

It’s Marvel Me Monday and, boy, do we have an exceptional muse for some creative innovation. This awe-inspiring interior space verges on other-worldly and we just love how a seemingly desolate, sparse design composition can elicit such a complex, depth-filled experience. What kind of event design would this futuristic, brazen space inspire in your world?

Here’s what this marvelous interior landscape has conjured up in the spools of La Tavola’s imagination:

Swatches from top to bottom: Chuck Natural [Pompeii Collection] :: Euphoria Ecru [Milano Collection] :: Dupionique Iridescence Chestnut [Dupioniques Collection] :: Dante Indigo [Milano Collection] :: Coral Ice [Pompeii Collection]

This seemingly barren — but ultimately inspiration-rich — interior is a prime example of how decisive design and acute use of open space can leave room for the senses to fully bring an environment to life. Today’s marvel epitomizes a “speak for itself” kind of approach to style and demonstrates how a few bold choices can set the stage for the imagination to venture into its own sensational world of setting-inspired narratives.

May your events speak for themselves. . . happy designing!


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