This year seems to be bringing so many new horizons, we thought we’d delve into the color palette of some real-life ones for inspiration! This Marvel Me Monday, enjoy the marvel of beauty that comes from the sky’s canvas.

This brilliant sight inspires these lovelies in the spools of La Tavola’s imagination:

Swatches [from top to bottom]: Dupionique Iridescence Blossom [Dupioniques Collection] : Dupionique Iridescence Lipstick [Dupioniques Collection] : Dupionique Iridescence Indigo [Dupioniques Collection] : Topaz Tangerine [Topaz Collection] : Topaz Sunbeam [Topaz Collection]


It’s amazing what kind of visual symphony combining a few solids can create… What colors will you dip into to bring to life your next design canvas?  ; )


Happy designing!


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