Marvel Me Monday has arrived once again! And this week, we found a true marvel for the mind. . . This space takes the imagination on quite a wild ride. We found this venue and immediately thought it was pretty mind-bending — and apparently we were right! It’s happens to be the architecture of the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, NV. Talk about opening up your mind to possibilities; this space will inspire looking at your environment in a whole new light!

What kind of design does the Lou Ruvo Center make you want to pour from that amazing brain of yours? Here’s what this marvel of wild architecture has inspired in the spools of La Tavola’s imagination:

Linens from top to bottom: Sinai Sunrise Aegean [Pompeii Collection] :: Strand Sterling [Milano Collection] :: Treks Arctic [Milano Collection] :: Sweet Summer Sherbet [Milano Collection] :: Gatto Zebra [Pompeii Collection]


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