This Marvel Me Monday, it’s right about time for some *sparkle* and moving into new things: new journeys, new adventures, new ways of looking at things, and new creativity. All in prep for the New Year!

This amazing art piece table by artist John Foster is an inspirational marvel for kicking 2015 off with style and diving into a whole new imagining of what the year ahead will bring. . .

Here’s what this fantastic creation has inspired in the spools of La Tavola’s imagination:

Linens from top to bottom : New York Aqua [Dolce Collection] :: Diamond Coral [Dolce Collection] :: Sequin Chevron Apple/Aqua [Dolce Collection] :: Melrose Midnight Blue [Dolce Collection] :: Bubbly Ballet [Milano Collection]


We hope your party prep is already sparking with inspiration and excitement for the New Year festivities to come. Happy 2 days away from 2015!!

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