Hello Event Mavens and welcome to Marvel Me Monday!

We absolutely love to start the week out right and get a fresh perspective for ushering us into the workflow. That being said, Mondays are all about inspiration — drawing upon a new frame of reference for design, décor, and eventscapes!

Today’s marvel comes from HomeModish and features an inspirational venue space. The fusion of different geometric shapes within the room, combined with a well-flowing open environment, lends itself to a vast pathway of creativity for the imagination. Just check out the beautiful detail — from the elongated triangular shapes of the limestone wall to the circular ceiling tiles, and the meticulously-sized dots of light in the upper dome to the poignant window bindings. Breathtaking!


Here’s what this innovative venue space has conjured up within the spools of La Tavola’s  imagination:


Swatches from top to bottom: Bubbly Sterling [Milano Collection] :: Looped Onyx [Milano Collection] :: Hollywood Silver [Dolce Collection] :: Circle Snow [Milano Collection] :: Locked White Tea [Milano Collection]

This marvelous concept venue embodies the beauty that arises from combining varying textures, shapes, and tones, all within the same genre. What a breath of fresh air and inspirational way to start the week. . . happy designing!



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