Happy Marvel Me Monday, folks! Today, we’re totally inspired by the fine, minute work of artist Dani Vinokurov. Influenced by nature and a Japanese-like attention to detail, Dani creates pieces that incorporate multimedia — from weaving to watercolor. Can you believe this piece is only 4.5 x 3.5 inches?! Tiny! . . .

[Images courtesy of: danivinokurov.com | @danivinokurov]

Here’s what Dani Vinokurov’s amazing work has inspired in the spools of la tavola’s imagination:


Linens [from top to bottom]: Harper Blue [2015 Collection] : Silsila Cherry [Milano Collection] : Wavering Quartz [Milano Collection] : Gorgeous Petal [Milano Collection] : Hollywood Cobalt Blue [Dolce Collection]


Happy Monday & hope your day is inspired by this piece of art!

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