It’s no secret that we LOVE Alexander McQueen. I mean, who doesn’t? We’ve already talked about his butterfly moment in a previous blog post and we’re diving back into his whimsical yet masculine prints again this lovely Friday.

Whimsical Yet Masculine Prints

First up, from McQueen’s FW17 Menswear collection a gorgeous and intricate jacket in black and silver. We’re drawn to the detail of the jacket and love that the print plays on the edge both feminine and masculine styles. Reminiscent of the “traje de luxes,” or suit of lights traditionally worn by Spanish bullfighters, this jacket also reminds us of our Washington Ebony linen. With similar intricacies, both beautiful and masculine, this linen rides that same line of feminine and masculine.

Another jacket from the same collection grabbed our attention with abstract-ish florals and a dark but bright pattern mixing black and metallics. Less of a floral than the print used on McQueen’s jacket but just as interesting is our Bowie linen in Black. It reminds us of some of Gerhart Richter’s paintings, almost like a painted image of the McQueen jacket had a squeegee dragged across it while still wet.

More Whimsical, Less Masculine – But Go With It

You probably didn’t think gold qualified as masculine did you? Well McQueen obviously disagrees and so do we. Though we did name this linen Gwenyth, which slightly contradicts our assertion that it works as a masculine print, the Gwenyth Gold pretty much perfectly gets at the style and color of this amazing McQueen suit. We die just a little bit over this suit. Okay, maybe a lot. Look at it! Bold color, a touch of black leather (shoes) and set amongst what looks like a cemetery? So good. Just grab some matte black plates, brushed silver flatware and have mossy/cement/trailing vine centerpieces with Gwenyth Gold and call it a day.

If you had a hard time with gold, you might just keel over and die with the red velvet and sequin combo but take a deep breath and it’ll all be over in a moment. You might feel some slight pressure, but you’ll get through it 😉

Looking like the most kick@$$ vampire out of modern times, this McQueen number has us all hot and bothered. (In a design-inspiration kind of way. Obviously.) So naturally we go straight to Velvet Red, throw a Mariah Black over it, light some candelabras and turn on ‘Interview with the Vampire’. We’ll just have dinner and a movie by ourselves and it’ll be an awesome Friday night. No really, we’re going to go do that now. K, byeeeeee!

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