Seeing double may not be such a bad thing. Not when things look this good!

Photography by Lacey via CLM
via Tumblr

Painting by Michelle Hinebrook via Juxtapoz Mag

Design board via Pattern Curator

Prisms, kaleidoscope and mirror images. We’re loving this inspiration of the these reflective images and designs.

Mirror Image

Taking our cue from these lovely mirror images, we’re taking a look at our Polarize and Butterfly linen from our 2017 Collection.

Ryann Lindsey Photography | Planning & Florals: Bloom + Blueprint

A bold print, Polarize linen is a great pop for a cocktail table or even paper suite backdrop. 

Amy Herndon Photography | Annie Brady Design

Butterfly linen is a kaleidoscope vision of exactly what you’d expect – butterflies. The perfect linen to bring the outside in and incorporate a bit lot of the natural world in your tablescape.  

Melanie Duerkopp Photography | Casa de Perrin Tabletop | Minted Menu

And we love the way these two mesmerizing prints can pair and balance one another. C’est magnifique!

Do have have pictures of how you’ve used these two linens? We’d love to see! Be sure to send them over and our favorites will be included in a follow up post next month.

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