Two words that describe this autumn dinner party perfectly are ‘Modern Chic.’ We have fallen in love with this black & white color palette with hints of grey. This gorgeous event was designed by Harlin & Sparrow Events and captured by Megan Clouse. Our Vintage Stripe Onyx linen paired with these sleek industrial metal chairs adds a touch of modern flair. The black tapered candles, Theoni votives, and gorgeous white florals and greenery designed by Poppystone Floral make this tabletop shine. And those black and white dessert… we are drooling over here! While most autumn get-together are inspired by the season’s leaves falling and warm color tones, this dinner party took a different route. Take a look below at this chic black & white Sonoma County dinner party.

Images via Style Me Pretty
  1. marty lowe

    what is the drape of those table cloths?
    I am doing an event in Idaho springs colorado and am interested in vintage stripe natural round table cloths for 60″ diameter tables . I would also use vintage stripe runners for the rectangular reclaimed wood tables. I was thinking to use large tuscan napkins placed perpendicular under plates.
    Would welcome your ideas.
    Venue is rustic at the base of mountain and rushing creek. Florals are only ferns and natural greenery

    • admin

      Hi Marty,

      Thanks for reaching out! So glad you like the Vintage Stripe linen 🙂 The stripes run horizontally or vertically depending on where you are standing around a round table. It might best be explained by explaining how the stripes run on a rectangular table. When you stand at either end of a rectangular table the stripes appear to run vertically, but if you stand on either side (the long side of a rectangular table) the stripes appear to be running horizontally. Here’s an example of the Harbor Stripe linen to illustrate how the stripes run vertical on the caps/ends: and horizontal on the long sides: So for a round table it just depends on which side of the table your standing on, where you are viewing the table would determine how the stripes appear to be running. I hope this makes sense! Please feel free to give us a call at one of our showroom if we can help explain more.

      Your event sounds great! The Natural Stripe and Tuscany collection are perfect for a rustic mountain venue. You would use the 134″ round on a 60″ diameter table. There will be a little bit of excess fabric that will puddle and drape and can be tucked under the table. The Vintage Stripe linen is available in a napkin but is unfortunately not available in a table runner. We have a similar color of our Harbor Stripe linen that is available in a table runner, the stripes on this linen are just thinner and varied instead of the same fixed width. You could mix the Harbor Stipe runners and the Vintage Stripe full size linen or use the Harbor Stripe for both the table runners and full size linens if you prefer to keep one uniform stripe. One other thing to note is that our standard napkin size is a square, 22″x22″. They can still be placed under each place setting but just wanted to mention that they are square so they’re not the usual ‘place mat’ size.

      Good luck planning! And again, please feel free to give us a call at one of our showroom locations if we can help clarify anything or give any other suggestion!

  2. marty lowe

    How are your vintage stripe -natural ROUND table cloths constructed? Please indicate how the stripes run?