We’ve been really into the way that moss covered concrete looks. It has this ebb and flow of colors and textures that is just fantastic. This natural material first caught our attention in a subtle little cameo for a stunning cake picture.

image via Style Me Pretty

This floral delight of a cake by Gift Cakes is so lovely it drew our eyes to this photograph. And upon careful inspection the concrete pedestal, though just a small part of the image, began to really interest us. That combination of moss and lichens…forget about it! We’re goners. And down we went into the rabbit hole of Pinterest.

Moss Covered Concrete

found via Pinterest

There’s just something a little bit otherworldly about it, like seaweed. They’re a typical occurrence in their native habitats but they have such an ethereal quality. Maybe it’s the colors or the textures, but whatever it is, it’s unexpected and lovely. And the more we looked at it, the more it reminded us of Enchantress Silver Cloud.

image via Weddings Unveiled, photography by Cameron Reynolds Photography, styling by Whiskey & White, florals by Floressence

Those same colors are at play and it’s such a tactile linen. The velvet-like texture has such a great weight and flow draped over a table. You can take it earthy and rustic or elegant and polished. Have you used Enchantress on a spectaular table? Share your design with us on Instagram with #inspiredlinens and tag @latavolalinen.

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