We are in love with this linen from our Beyond Collection. The Nandini Gilded Net-Leek is magnificent as an overlay for any romantic occasion. While these images are beautiful, this linen is even better in person and looks great as an accent with many different color schemes. You’ve got to see it for yourself in order to truly appreciate it’s beauty.
Photography By: Kathleen Harrison 
Paired with our Topaz-Leek as an underlay and napkin
Now we know what you’re thinking…this linen doesn’t seem too versatile. Well, Sonia Hopkins of XOXO Bride challenges this and shows that it is absolutely not the case. Who knew that the green hues in the overlay would look so lovely with the blue tones of our Moire-Sky linen as an underlay and our Peau de Soie-Copenhagen Blue napkins. We adore it!
Photography By: Braedon Flynn

We encourage others to pair the Nandini Gilded Net-Leek with other unexpected colors!
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