January is a truly exciting month for La Tavola not only because it is the start of a new year, but it is also the time when we go abroad to discover brand new trends and fabrics. . . all the way around the globe! Owners Herb and Betsy Stone will attend Heimtextil in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as textile shows in Belgium, and get an insider’s look on the upcoming styles for 2010/11. There, they will select new fabrics for our very own collection so we can bring them to you!

Here is a brief intro to the trends of 2010:

Since the World Wildlife Fund published its Reports in 2005 about the devastating effects that humans have exacted on the environment and its animals, the textile industry has concentrated on the need to produce ecologically sound products. Since 2007, when Ethical Fashion Week was presented, eco-friendly textiles have been translated into the trends, and are only growing! The Futuristic trend exemplifies this movement and emphasizes the combination of authenticity and environmentally safe products. According to Heimtextil: “Aesthetically, Futurustic concentrates on subtleties, fine weaves and the frothy and voluminous as well as on natural, earthy colours.”

As our private lives become increasingly public through the vast and growing networks of technology, the need for a sense of privacy and inner values is emerging. This trend encompasses a worn-out look that is used for modern finishes and “takes pleasure in turning the relationship between old and new, genuine and copy on its head, creating a mysterious fantasy atmosphere. The rediscovered freedom of creativity is shown by contrasting materials like transparent, coloured plastic and classic borders and trimmings.”

The Hypernature trend adds some sensuality and softness to the rational, strict structures of urban perspectives. It brings nature into the cityscape, and uses natural fabrics like soy and bamboo. “Hybrid materials bring more poetry to the furnishings, creating shadow effects through the layering of fabrics and light.”

This trend is especially fun to employ, with its stimulation of spontaneity and naive pictoral designs, which create a striking and bold forms. It also incorporates neutral tones with bright, contemporary colors, while “a variety of patterns from different cultures reflect the universal language.”

Oooh. . . we just can’t wait to see what our new collection brings to the table!!
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