In honor of our astounding Dupionique in Avocado, today’s blog post is dedicated solely to this linen 😉  Hailing from the Bella collection, this elegant, two-toned linen made quite a show at a lovely Sonoma wedding featured on SMP and designed by Julie Atwood.  Photograph’s were taken by James Moes Photography and the gorgeous arrangements were done by Pat Friday

In honor of the Dupionique Avocado, I found this fabulous poem by Miss Mallory.  Her excellent blog (dedicated to cooking all things tasty!) also has a very yummy guacamole recipe you must check out!

An avocado poem… 🙂

Ode to Avocado

Oh, little avocado. So delicious and so shiny.
Sometimes when I crave you my voice gets quite whiny.
Your skin is such a lovely shade of green.
Your flesh is sweet, savory, and oh so clean.

Smooshed in a sandwich you are quite delicious.
Mashed in a bowl you are quite auspicious.
All the while remaining incredibly nutritious.

Oh little avocado, how I love you so.
Much more than a little fruit like you could ever know.

And now for the pics!

We love you Avocado 🙂
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