Attention people of the world – art is no longer confined to the canvas! Okay, it hasn’t been confined to the canvas for some time now. But, these painterly patterned linens bring a dose of fine art to the tablescape palette.

Painterly Patterns


yellow | black | blue | green

Brush strokes are so fun and feel so personal because they’re not perfect. The brush stroke depends on the artists decisions and movements and can be different every time a mark is made. We love precision and minimalistic simplicity, but there is something so captivating and charming about the varying nature of what’s hand made.

Brush Squares and Brush Rings – in Yellow, Smoke, Blue and Green. These painted patterns are a bold statement that can be both refined and whimsical. Part of what we love about these linen patterns is the varying line weight of the ‘brush strokes’ and the imperfect lines.

There are so many possibilities and so many fun things to do with these linens! In need of ideas? Head over to Pinterest to see examples of events with these painterly linens.

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