We just love receiving pictures of events we do with our clients, and this one is so exquisite I just had to post it! Thank you to Colette, owner of the fabulous La Fete Weddings for sending these gorgeous photos by Amy and Stuart Photgraphy. This rehearsal dinner took place at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito and featured bright florals by Laura Sangas from Cody Floral Design. I just love the rich tones of the quartzes, oranges, and reds. . . and all with a rustic, refreshing flair!

Have you ever taken a deep breath of that fresh air at the San Ysidro Ranch? Well, if you do, you may never want to leave!

What a warm combination of the rustic wood inside the ranch and the rosy color of our Essence Quartz linen. The beautiful natural light brings almost an indigo tone to the linen. . . what a sensation!

A closer look at the Essence Quartz linen with the Peau de Soie Rust Napkins (pronounced po d’swah 😉

The Camargue Sorrel is one of my favorite of our linens because of its plush, rich qualities. The fabric is a dupioni silk mix and, as you can see in the background, the colors simply glow.

Yummy h’our doeuvres created at the ranch. Gimme some!

Lighting can certainly spark the ambiance of an event and, especially with the warm colors of the Camargue Sorrel linen, the lanterns and candles imbue the event with a fresh, romantic glow. . . aah.

To view the linens used click here:
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