Today we are so excited to finally be opening our Sacramento La Tavola Linen showroom! Located at 1221 19th Street, it was time to bring some glitz and glamour to Sac Town’s events with our fabulous linens. It should be exciting to see what this town’s design aesthetic turns out to be. For now…we’re celebrating!

In honor of our grand opening, here are some fun facts about Sacramento:

  • Sacramento is the capital of the State of California. It wasn’t always that way, though. The previous capitols were – Monterey (1849), Pueblo de San Jose (1849-1851), Vallejo (1852), Sacramento (1852-1853), Vallejo (1853), and Benicia (1853-1854). Sacramento has remained the capitol since February 1854.
  • Sacramento has a fabulous Summer Shakespeare Festival. This version of Shakespeare in the Park has been around since 1986. Each year they put on two Shakespearian plays in William Land Park (across from the Zoo.)
  •  Sacramento has many nicknames. It is variously known as “the Camellia Capital of the World,” “River City,” and “City of Trees. Locals tend to call it Sac or Sac Town. A favorite nickname has always been “The Big Tomato.”
  • Sacramento is where the Sacramento River and the American River meet. Where two rivers meet is called a “convergence.” In this case, the convergence happens at Discovery Park.
  • The official hottest temperature on record for Sacramento is 115 in June of 1961.  The coldest temperature on record for Sacramento is 18 in December of 1990.
  • Sacramento is ground zero for Museums. The Crocker Art Museum, which is “the longest continuously operating art museum in the West,” and The California State Indian Museum are just two of them. In fact, there are so many museums in the area, there is a Sacramento Museum Guide Website.
All facts are thanks to: celticlibrarian
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