La Tavola is participating in 2 incredible weddings shows this weekend in Santa Barbara. Here’s a little sneak peek of the goodies we will be a part of!

Santa Barbara Wedding Planning Getaway
This is such a novel, fabulous event and we are so excited to be part of it! The whole weekend previews options for everything from venues for rehearsal dinner & receptions to floral designers, wedding planners, and of course our beautiful linens 😉 I think this is going to be the next hot new thing: a whole weekend getaway where you can sample the wedding gems of Santa Barbara…get ready brides & grooms!

Simpy the Best of Santa Barbara Wedding Show
This is a wedding show that we are so happy to be doing this weekend on Sunday at Rockwood Woman’s Club! There will be so many fabulous vendors and we will be debuting some of our NEW LINENS for 2012! You don’t want to miss this one. . .lots of awesome treats!!

  1. Halberg Photographers

    Super excited to be a part of this great Santa Barbara event!!!!

  2. Erwin

    Alicia Stevens – Rachel you look gorgeous! Everyone does! What a beuitufal album! Samantha did an exceptional job. I witnessed her getting down in all angles to get every shot just right and you succeeded. Thanks for sharing! Xoxo