Bright and vibrant pinks, corals, oranges, reds and purples…we all love a good mix of exciting colors but there is something magical about these inspirational images where those bold hues are toned down.

Lovely layers of bright colors and soft neutrals from the Spring 2015 Chanel runway. We LOVE the dimensionality of this look all all those applique flowers layered in tulle. Tres magnifique!

Actual flowers in these pink-handled popsicles are not only making us crave a frozen treat, but again bringing out the idea of layers and veiled vibrant colors.

And if you need even more inspiration, these sculptures by Mariko Kusumoto are beyond amazing. She shapes fabric and sets the pieces with heat to create these fantastic mini sculptures. Those works are then incorporated into larger wearable art and 3D jewelry.

Mind. Blown.

Ok. Now that’s we’ve picked up our exploded brains…back to business! Since we love this layered look and muted bright colors, we took our Watercolors Orchid linen and layered it with Organdy White to give a similar feel that these inspiration images exude.

Popping the muted tones with a bright Tuscany Lipstick Napkin and gold accents bring it all home. Soft and feminine but packs a punch!

Now to track down some of those popsicles!

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