Today we are featuring an interview with talented photgrapher Gia Canali! We have beautiful photos she took of the main display table that graced our Beverly Hills showroom during the month of December. Our sparkly New York White linen (which looked like a heavenly sea of snowflakes glittering in the sunlight all month long!) combined beautifully with the brilliant holiday centerpiece by Michael Mantalos of Lou Loudi Design.

LT: What do you love most about what you do?
GC: I love that I get to document real life and real love. Discovering the creativity, tenderness, courage, and beauty in people is pretty exhilarating.

LT: How do you work with brides/subjects to get the best photos from them?
GC: One of the reasons I started my blog, Pursuing the Picture Perfect Wedding, is that a lot of couples have the same questions and make the same design or time-management mistakes at their weddings. And although I spend a lot of time chatting with my clients before their weddings or other shoots, I wanted to be able to share that information with other interested folks. Everybody wants good photos!

LT: What continues to excite you about photography?
GC: I love experimenting … I (can’t help but) collect (and use!) vintage cameras, and I always love trying out “new” vintage printing processes. Plus photography is magic — partly about you see and remember, and partly about what you couldn’t see or remember.

LT: What advice do you have for brides about their photo sessions?
GC: Collaboration makes for exquisite results! So don’t be afraid to communicate your vision and ideas with your photographer, but also be open to trying new things.
Thanks to the new ideas and masterful collaboration of Gia and Michael we were able to create this stunning table! So, I’d take her advice! For more useful tips, you can check out her blog here: Pursuing the Picture Perfect Wedding
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