Spring is laying down the green carpet. . . for weddings! The vibrant colors of the season translate beautifully into nuptial festivities. Here, we highlight two hot colors for this year’s weddings: orange and green.


In this bouquet, orange is used in such a way
that it absolutely brightens and mesmerizes

(courtesy of the knot)

Butterfly (Beyond Collection)

Orange is an invigorating, statement-making color that makes no shy suggestions. When brought into a wedding, it comes across as sure, with an air of fun. Even sprinkled within a color scheme, it warms and energizes the appearance. If you want to step up the intensity (in a good way), explore orange!


An untraditional but classy ensemble that

translates to simple and clean (courtesy of the knot)

Ottoman Curry overlay on Tuscany Curry

Bringing green into a wedding not only serves to incorporate the beautiful growth of Spring in the celebration; also, the color adds a fresh, enlivening element to the event. Green never goes out of fashion, but there is no better time than now to receive your guests just as nature receives Spring — in green!
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