We’re gearing up for a summer (color) block party! Color Blocking is going to be big this fall and summer and we’re diving in to this trend!

Color Block Party

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Seen on the runways, in home decor and art, color blocking is a fun and relatively easy way to bring a color palette to life. The most challenging part is finding the right ratio and balance between the colors. As rose quartz is one of the colors of the year, we’ve put together some ways to pair this color-of-the-moment below.

Pair with other soft shares for soft and romantic feel…

Try combining Topaz Blush, Velvet Lilac, Topaz Julep, and Dupionique Ice Blue.

Or add a dark contrast to add some edge…

Pair Dupionique Iridescence Blush, Velvet Tamarind, Topaz Slate, and Nuovo Jewel.

Obviously there are so many other combinations you can try! And you can color block on each individual table (or one long table) or you can color block table groups and do a handful in each color.

Share your creations and color combinations with us on Instagram, tag @latavolalinen and #latavolablockparty.

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